A leading fuel dispenser manufacturer has installations throughout the country. They need to maintain a proportionately large tech support team. However, very few of the complaints that they receive can be attributed to their product. This results in tremendous wastage of resources.

Enter DCAP. Our sensors monitor all critical parameters of the dispenser, electrical and otherwise. Our communicators send this information to a secure server, where it is visible to the support team, no matter where they are. Our solution generates alerts and notifies the appropriate personnel as well, so they don't have to wait for customer complaints.


The largest factory in the world is growing further. In such a large operation, wastage of any resource can lead to significant losses. In this expansion effort, the most important assets to be kept tabs on are the highly expensive cranes used in construction.

Our devices help the management know exactly how much each of the cranes is being used. In addition, we also monitor various parameters which can affect safety of operation of the crane, along with day-to-day maintenance. It has helped the weed out their excess inventory and reduce downtime of the machinery they are using.


A production facility has a large number of press machines, most of which are significantly old. Maximizing productivity is a big challenge, since there is no visibility into the process.

We measure the output of each machine by measuring the number of strokes. We also monitor the downtime of each machine. This is augmented by our knowledge of electrical and environmental parameters of the machines, which can be correlated with downtime and can also be used for preventive maintenance.


A popular confectionery manufacturer has a production line to which the raw material input is provided manually. Because of human error, a significant amount of the end product has to be rejected, resulting in wastage.

We came up with a solution which calculates a range of optimum rates of input for the maximum rate of output processing. Feedback is provided to the manual operators in the form of alerts. Of course, everything in this entire process is recorded for the management to view in real time and analyze.